AvMike-1.2  Features

AvMike-1.2 microphonekit
turn your BOSE® Noise-Cancel Headphones into a perfect ANR pilotheadset

Noise-Cancel Mic-unit , Carbon - GA Standard amp. Electret, enhanced EMC protection

Stable and stiff microphone gooseneck for GA  - weight reduced light version for airliner op available
GA version doesnt move or alter position unintended while flying thru heavy weather or extreme maneuvers

Wires shielded and in medical-device quality


PJ  GA-Standard Plugs   Neutrik  MIL grade
optional :   Lemo Redel,  XLR-5 Neutrik

Rugged and stable clamp mounting - can be installed within seconds - no tools needed, phones do not need any mechanical alterations

Safe operation in many areas of aviation  ( private pilot, passengers -  Prop, Turbo, Jet )


  • Mic-Assembly can be mounted and dismounted within seconds - no tools needed, clamp mechanism exchangeable

  • QC phone-socket is not mechanically stressed because the clamp mic-mounting doesnt rely on the socket itself

  • Mic-Kit manufactured in germany, only quality parts used - developed from pilots - for - pilots

  • MicKit incredible comfortable - even after many hours of flighttime

  • Improved audibility and therefore improved safety

  • New version 1.2 with customer adjustable Mic-Level  -  smaller outline - optimized clamp - more rugged EMC capabilities

AvMike-1.2  Pix

More informations

Practical testing on 

airplane types among others :  
Diamond® DA20, Aquilla® A210, Cessna®-172, CitationX®


CE-Declaration AvMike-1 

WEEE RegNr. AvMike-1  94899094

Delivery includes

Mic-Kit consisting of microphone, connectors, boom , cables and all mechanical parts needed to build a headset
windscreen  and operators manual in english included

*** BOSE QC25 or QC35  is not included ***

Operation notes

QC phones are not powered via onboard power-sources  - QC battery / accu. operation only - AvMike1 itself needs no power

Check prior to every departure :  Battery QC : Ok  /  all plugs attached firmly : Ok /  AvMike-1 mounted safely :  Ok

QC 25 or 35 are operating safely even after batt / accu down or switched of ANR  -  safe radio comm possible also in this case

In the case of inflight suddenly arising loud and persisting EMC noise ( induced possibly by faulty ingnition wiring, high RF SWR, electronic/electric onboard failures ) presented in your headphones please disengage the QCs ANR  -  this probably cuts the noise down to a min. level  -  until the EMC noise source has been found and stopped.


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