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AvMike-1.2  Mic-Assembly

Simply turn your QC25 or QC35 into a perfect Pilots ANR-Headset by mounting our AvMike-1 in a second.

How to turn headphones into a pilot-headset ?

Very simple !  our AvMike-1 turns any BOSE©  QC25 or QC35 headphone into a  ANR pilot-headset - combining perfect and super-comfortable fit with outstanding radio audibility and state of the art noise- reduction at a unbeatable price. The headphones preserve their basic functionality - the transformation from headphones into a headset or vice-versa can be done within seconds. New version 1.2 introduces a customer adjustable mic-output. Output is adjustable in a  -12 .. +6 dB  range related to TSO requested average level by the help of a little slotted screwdriver. All mics are now precalibrated to the lower TSO limits.
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